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Connecting to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 from PowerShell using REST API – a step-by-step guide

    Introduction Azure Data Lake Storage Generation 2 was introduced in the middle of 2018. With new features like hierarchical namespaces and Azure Blob Storage integration, this was something better, faster, cheaper (blah, blah, blah!)  compared to its first version – Gen1. Since then, there has been enough time toCzytaj dalej / Read more

Azure, Azure Automation, Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory V2 and Azure Automation – Running pipeline from runbook with PowerShell

  Introduction Azure Automation is just a PowerShell and python running platform in the cloud. In marketing language, it’s a swiss army knife 😛 Here how Microsoft describes it: “Azure Automation delivers a cloud-based automation and configuration service that provides consistent management across your Azure and non-Azure environments. It consists of process automation,Czytaj dalej / Read more

Useful Scripts

TSQL query for generating a report from SSISDB with SSIS package processed in execution

And the thanks goes to Michał Powaga for providing me that script below 😉