About me


My name is Michał Pawlikowski. Born in 84. I love garlic, I do not like cauliflower.

Professionally – I’m a perfectionist, hyperactive enthusiast, talkative and I bother people. Privately – an extroverted introvert, an involuntary critic and a would-be procrastinator. Although it may seem that I am egocentric, the smell of empathy rises in every corner of my head.

I am a subscriber of computer passion continuously from my early childhood, where the salutary power of C64 has opened my eyes to the digital world, and the meticulous work of the cassette reader has put patience into my genetic code. Although I was even drawn to the medical future, fascination with the broadly understood annoying nature of the world of computer science has taken the upper hand. What happened later, everyone can see on LinkedIn profile.

Fate wanted that “on college projects”, when others sluggishly sculpted in shit (well, because they thought that DB is the worst and the most boring specialization), for me it was not a big deal. In fact, working in such a cesspool was very rewarding and even the fusty SQL has stopped stinking after some time. After years I swim and dive freely in boundless sewage of database coexistence among various platforms and technologies provided by only the right and proper corporation of this world 🙂 For psychological balance, however, I try to log in to bash at least a few times a week. Old love for Linux systems does not rust and without vim, sed, grep and awk I can not imagine my life 😉

Of course, if not for other passions, I would probably be even more strange. A lot of my life is immortal computer games ( steam profile, origin: MisiekBest) and music “psycho-safety valve” – composition and playing the piano/guitarKanał Youtube | Facebook Fanpage  | ARTICLE about me [in polish!] | RADIO BROADCAST with my music [also with a polish comment!] ). Sometimes I will go somewhere (Endomondo profile ), sometimes I will write something to the world ( Facebook profile ), but to be honest, I usually spend my free time together with my greatest fiancée wife and daughter two daughters, which I warmly greet and kiss :*