Maximum length of ADLS Gen2 path (and directory/file name)

Maximum length of ADLS Gen2 path is the same like for regular blob: 1024 chars including ‘/’ signs.


Yeap 😐

If anyone was interested in this topic and did not find the answer in the official documentation (at least not explicitly), the answer is just above.

I was wondering how far you could go in creating the directory path. I only found the limit given for an ordinary blob (click here and look for value: 1,024).

Of course ADLS Gen2 is just an ordinary storage account but with an extraordinary setting enabled – hierarchical namespaces 😛 So it wasn’t so obvious.


Does it mean that you can create at most 256 subdirectories? (1024 divided by one sign for directory name divided by one ‘/’  sign?)


Well, definitely not. Multiplying path to be just $PathToCreate = "a/" * 64 in my folder creation script shared in other post, gave funny results. Path was somehow created, but the response was: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. Server encountered an internal error. Please try again after some time.



Traversing it in Storage Explorer also at some point is returning 500 😀

That’s an interesting fact, since documentation tells something different:


But the good news is that you can create a directory longer than 255 characters (limit in file service).
As the matter of fact it can have a maximum limit of 1024 characters 🙂


Of course, if you will try to create another object inside it – for example just a simple folder named ‘a’, server will throw an error The request URI is invalid and a bloody js stack trace.



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